Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I didn't see this coming

Boy George has released a pro-Obama video complete with a "Yes we can" chorus and audio clips from his speeches. It's, umm, quite a sight. Plus a cartoon Amy Winehouse makes an appearance at the end which was bizarre.

I don't know, some of the visuals in the video are pretty good but the song is just so damn cheesy. I mean, I know that really fits in with the 80's vibe but maybe that's just what I'm sick of.

First a disclaimer. What follows is not a well-defined thought at all, just something that's been kicking in my head for a little while so just bear with me but do you ever feel like saying "what the fuck is our culture doing?" Over the last several years it seems like we just keep ripping our fashion and music ideas from the past. It started with the return of bell bottoms and continues to the 80's stuff I see popping up today. In music we had the return of garage bands and now it seems like half the bands in town are some 80's synth knockoff. Enough with the meta, self-referential crap. Is this all there is? Are we going to cycle through decades for the rest of eternity? Is there nothing new? Are we even allowed to enjoy anything on a non-ironic level anymore? For the love of God will you damn kids just get off my lawn?

Think about it. Maybe I'm way off and we're more original than I think or maybe I've just been surrounded by Lawrence/hipster culture for too long. Perhaps what would be considered our real pop culture is completely different but honestly I don't think I could name a single song in the top 40 chart right now so I have no idea.

OK, I looked at I knew the M.I.A. song at #5 (when did that hit the mainstream? +1 indie cred for me), the Coldplay song, and one of the two rap songs about lollipops but I'm not sure exactly which one it is (lollipops must be huge this year). Oh, and I knew the "I Kissed a Girl" song and the only reason I know that one is because it was on NPR which I think is a pretty good sign that I should stfu about analyzing our crap culture. Actually the fact that Danity Kane is still releasing hit records is indictment enough.

Upon reading this it's looking like even more nonsensical than my usual ranting here in the Basement so maybe I'll formulate some coherent thoughts and address all of this further later. But now I'm going to go have nightmares about how depressed I'm going to be if McCain/Palin win in 8 weeks...


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