Thursday, September 04, 2008

Lying Liars

I barely have enough time to read about the new damaging info about Sarah Palin that comes out every 5 minutes or so let alone write about it. Let's just say she scares the shit out of me as a potential president and say she is one of the least qualified nominees ever. But, that John McCain is such a maverick he's willing to buck the system to take the far right social conservative who claims to be a political reformer but brought in $27 million in pork to her town of 6,000 and was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it and was director of indicted Ted Stevens' 527 group and wants to teach creationism in public schools and threatened to fire a librarian for not banning books. Well, isn't that special. And we barely scratched the surface.

There's also her seemingly insane decision after her water broke in her last pregnancy to give a speech, fly to Seattle, hop on another 8 hour flight to Anchorage, then drive another hour to tiny Wasilla and give birth to her premature baby with Down's Syndrome. And her potential ties to an Alaskan separatist political party. And her whacko church where she gave a speech about Iraq being God's war and listened to a guest speaker who advocates the idea that terrorist attacks on Israel are punishment for not accepting Jesus. Anyway, the bottom line is she sucks and it's another hundred or so reasons why Obama must win. Here's another, just because.


Here is an AP report detailing all the lies from her speech and others yesterday.


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