Monday, September 08, 2008

Tom Brady's Mangled Knee and Other Thoughts on Football

Even if you really don't give a shit about football there's still a decent chance you heard that Tom Brady got messed up yesterday. I mean, it was on the front page of the NY Times and on the national news tonight. I'm sure TMZ or whatever reported it too if you're into that.

Anyway, Tom Brady happened to be my #1 pick in my most important fantasy football league. That pretty much screwed me for the rest of the season because I was counting on him to rack up the TDs like he did for me last year. Now I'm forced to start, ugh, Brett Favre. Obviously this also screwed one guy in every single league across the country. In fact, they actually estimate that this injury could mean a total loss of $150 million to his fantasy owners. Bummer, dude.

The other interesting sports news to me was that the opening lines in Vegas for the ISU-Iowa game had the hawks as anywhere from 12.5 to 14 point favorites. This pretty much shocked me. Both teams were not highly regarded entering the season but have had relatively little trouble with their two overmatched opponents.

Every year seems to the same thing and I thought if anybody caught on surely Vegas would. The script goes like this: Iowa blows out some crappy teams, the hype machine in the state goes into overdrive positioning Iowa among the all-time great teams and predicting massive blowouts over the Cyclones, ISU wins, everyone makes excuses. In fact, ISU has won 7 of the last 10, I believe as an underdog in every one of them, and covered the spread in the 3 they lost. So, when I see a huge spread like that I have to wonder what they're thinking. It's certainly possible Iowa could cover that but history would say that ISU will at least make a game of it.

I returned to see my old high school football team play for the first time since I played my lat game about a decade ago. It was really pretty embarrassing that they were playing our biggest rivals on opening night and the crowd was smaller than most of them when I played. Even the visitors hardly brought anybody. What happened to those good old-fashioned Mennonite town hate fests?

I come from a really small school but we always had a lot of people out for football. I think we had 55 or so on one of my teams and now they were down to 29 with only four seniors. That's pretty pathetic. I ran into one of my old classmates and a few other former gridiron stars and we leaned against the fence talking about how bad they were and that wouldn't have happened in our day. Sure, my greatest contribution was drawing a pass interference call in the endzone against one of the worst teams we ever played and we never rose above the level of slightly better than mediocre but I didn't let that stop me from bitching. They better get this turned around because as an alum I will not stand for this. I'm about to buy a cowboy hat and a big belt buckle and start making thinly veiled threats about how they'd better start winning like the guys did in Friday Night Lights.

Oh, and here are the top five videosf of Raider fans engaging in various criminal/anti-social behavior.



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