Thursday, October 02, 2008


It's time for the one and only VP debate! On the one side we've got Palinbot 3000 who will be giving a series on non-answers at best and nonsensical answers at worst. On the other side we've got Big Joe Biden whose job will be to show Americans that Palin is woefully unqualified without making it look like he's condescending to her because she's a woman or something like that. Tough task. Here's a funny slideshow of Biden's pre-debate prep work.

I've been invited to a debate watch party tonight and we're all supposed to come prepared with items for a drinking game. I was just going say "drink every time Sarah Palin pisses you off" but I'm not sure I could make it past the second question. I suppose there's always references to "Russia" or "Maverick" (jeez, when did this campaign turn into Top Gun?) but those are a little too obvious.

Finally, big news for bluegrass fans...Ralph Stanley endorses Obama! You can listen to his new radio commercial playing in southwestern Virginia here.

Edit: If you want to see the differences between the two VP candidates check out their answers to the question about the worst thing Dick Cheney has done over the last 8 years.
Biden offered a withering critique of Cheney, charging that he had "done more harm than any other single elected official in my memory in terms of shredding the Constitution," citing the vice president's promotion of "torture as a policy" and the idea of the unitary executive. Even Biden's "praise" for Cheney was brutal: "I admire his willingness to take positions that are completely contrary to popular opinion."

Flash to Palin, sporting a goofy smile: "Worst thing, I guess, that woulda been the duck hunting accident, where, you know, that was, that was an accident. And that was made into a caricature of him, and that was kind of unfortunate." (In fact, Cheney accidentally shot his friend Harry Whittington during a quail hunting trip.)
Well, in her defense shooting a guy in the face is pretty bad.


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