Thursday, October 02, 2008

A few post-debtate thoughts

I'm on my way to bed but thought I'd throw out a few thoughts. As I expected Palin avoided any of the "moose in the headlights" looks that doomed her during the network interviews. On a sidenote, I'm not sure if a moose would actually have that look. I can picture a deer having that moment of panic right before they meet your grill but I just think a moose would have that same dull look they always have. But, I digress.

Palin literally just avoided answering some of the questions. I mean, the one about her "Achilles heel" she just went into a rambling statement about her strengths and being a mom or something. Not even a cursory "I just work too hard, goshdarnit." We were watching on CNN which had that damn tracker that followed the positive or negative vibes of undecided voters and I noticed that whenever she would ignore a question it would stay flat or decrease at first but usually track up as people forgot that there was actually a question she is now ignoring.

Despite that how could anyone watch that and not come away with the feeling that Biden is extremely knowledgeable and that she is not so much? She did fine as far as not embarrassing herself and I thought actually did halfway decent to start out (usually, I noticed, when she was stealing positions from the Democrats...) but that's not going to be nearly enough for McCain to win.

One moment I thought really hurt her was at the end when she made some comment about Biden not understanding families or something like that and he responded by choking up as he recalled raising his two sons after his wife and daughter were killed many years ago. She was apparently too focused on her notes to pick up on this or something but she just completely blew him off and went into something else. I don't think it played well to just ignore that when most people were feeling sympathetic to him. Of course, I forget that robots aren't programmed to have feelings...

For the most part her "folksy" winks and "goshdarnits" got old really fast. After 8 years of Bush most people want you to actually know what the hell you're doing and that just comes off as a little to smarmy.

The group I was in burst into applause when Biden hammered Dick Cheney by saying "Vice President Cheney has been the most dangerous vice president we've had probably in American history." I'm guessing that scene was repeated across America and is even more poignant when Palin claimed she wanted more power for the VP! Yikes. He did a great job of tying McCain to Bush/Cheney and not letting her get away with pretending they were just a coupla mavericks.

Overall, it's gotta be a win for Obama/Biden. I thought he won and most of the snap polls gave him a resounding victory so even if you're generous and give her the tie that goes to the team that's nearing a double digit lead. The closer we get to election the more this is looking like a potential blowout. There's still a ton of time left and these things always tighten but the momentum is all on Obama's side at this point.

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Blogger erin said...

doggone it, ben, what a gosh-darnit fantastic blog entry (wink, wink). i happen to think ol' sally palin (i don't even feel like knowing her name) did a shit job, even though she managed to keep her poor-excuse-for-brains from leaking out her ears for the whole 90 in that case, i guess she's a winner :)

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