Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I can't stop laughing at this clip. What a tool.

So...I'll have to admit I didn't watch the debates last night because I just had too much to do. I know I've made a big deal about how I'm on the fence and want to see all the debates before I make my decision but...ok, obviously that's not true. In fact I really don't get people that can actually be on the fence still yet these are the people whose opinions I watched on the CNN broadcast of the VP debate. You haven't been able to make a decision by now and I'm supposed to trust your opinion? "Gosh, they both just make such good points that I can't decide. Well, that and I'm a complete idiot."

OK, I shouldn't be so harsh. Please vote for Obama.

Anyway, from what I've read it was pretty painful to watch and Brokaw was way more interested in making sure Obama didn't go 5 seconds over his allotted time than in actually finding out something we don't know about the candidates. Plus, asking if Russia is evil and making it a yes/no question? Ridiculous. No room for nuance here. What a waste of time. I thought the first few debates were good precisely because the moderator got out of the way and let the candidates actually talk. The first was great because they could actually have some back and forth like a, I don't know, debate or something.

Also, apparently McCain hates teaching kids about the planets based on his rant about some overhead projector for some museum in Illinois. As I'm leaving the library I get a text from my sister that says "omg, get off the overhead projector thing!" Now, if you haven't been watching the debate or thinking about the debate this might be one of the most confusing things you've ever read.

"Wha? Overhead projector? What did I...? How does she...? I don't even...overhead projector? Ohhhhh, must be something from the debaaaaate." Then I just had to wonder what the hell THAT meant.

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