Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Under a week...

We're under a week until the election (finally!) and the Republicans are getting desperate. Sarah Palin is already dropping hints about 2012 and McCain's staffers are responding by calling her a "diva" and "a whack job." I guess that's what happens when you put two mavericky mavericks so close together. What a shame...

Then there's Norm Coleman. I heard all about his ridiculous ads this weekend but he decided to dredge up a few "celebrities" to rip on Franken for that damn porn again. It's not a good sign when I can't even figure out who all of your "celebrities" are and I'm pretty sure that showing a shirtless Pat Boone has not been shown to gain any votes in the past.

There are plenty of candidates but this has to be one of the worst ads of all-time. Good old Liddy Dole apparently decided that she'd rather throw crap like this out there than lose her Senate seat. Apparently Kay Hagan is an elder in her church and a Sunday School teacher but that's no reason why we can't throw her picture up there and get someone to impersonate her saying "there is no God", is it? Sadly there are probably plenty of stupid people who will be convinced that Hagan is some sort of rabid atheist that will ban all religion as soon as she gets to the Senate


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