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Watch your mouth! (Updated!)

Apparently it's become a tradition at KU to yell "Rip his fucking head off" after KU kicks the ball. This has caused a lot of consternation among the "won't somebody think of the children" and administration crowds. Personally I don't really care one way or another because people are going to do what they want and if you can't be vulgar and wildly inappropriate in college when can you be?

Well, there's going to be a big push to come up with something different to yell and, as to be expected, there are all kinds of funny going on. First, this article from the Kansan on the high level meeting between their editor, the student body president, one of the football captains and the administration over the issue.

It's always amusing to me that the student body president is the one that goes to these meetings. I suppose that's why we elect them but does anyone really think they represent the average student? There's no way I could name a single one of them from any year I've been in college. I usually picture them as the kiss-ass resume builders in it for the perks and the "power", especially here where they sit in the chancellor's luxury box and are flown to some away football games on the University's dime. What the hell does that guy know about standing in the student section when he's busy hobnobbing with the richest of the rich?

So, the plan is to send an email to students and play a video at the beginning of the game. The video, featuring Mangino (or rather Mangino's disembodied floating head), was released today. Is this some sort of hostage video?
"You will read from the cue cards, Mangino, or the cupcake gets it."

The idea to tackle the chant didn’t come from University officials, but instead from the student leaders. Erickson said a large faction of the student body was opposed to the chant, which originates from a line delivered by Rob Schneider in the movie “The Waterboy.” By addressing the issue on a student-to-student level, he said more students were likely to open their eyes to what the chant was really saying.

“We have so many unique traditions at the University,” Erickson said. “This isn’t original. We can do better than a line from the third-best Adam Sandler movie. We don’t need that.”
Third best Adam Sandler movie? I would disagree with that but an argument could be made, I suppose. I would rank them:
1. Happy Gilmore
2. Billy Madison
3. Wedding Singer
4. The Waterboy
I haven't seen Little Nicky, Mr. Deeds, Zohan, CHuck and Larry, or Big Daddy but I don't feel I'm missing much there. Spanglish was horrible and should be burned. I will agree that there's no need for anyone to continue using Rob Schneider catch phrases in this day and age. We've moved on and would prefer not to remember.
The student-led initiative plans to request feedback from students for alternatives to the chant. While the details have not been nailed down yet, Erickson said The Kansan plans to run a campus-wide contest, similar to the one it ran to replace the “Muck Fizzou” T-shirts.
The "Muck Fizzou" thing is hilarious to me because when I first got here everyone seemed to be in such an uproar about them whereas I just came from a place where they sold "Fuck the Hawks" shirts at CBS. And I think it's hilarious that the Kansan is trying to take credit for coming up with an alternative to those shirts when they were the ones printing and selling them in the first place!
Erickson said he also realized many people attended the games after consuming alcohol, which would make the message harder to drive home. To deal with that aspect, Erickson said he hoped getting the message to students before drinking would help them think about what they were saying.
You fool! You can't tell them before they're drunk because they'll never remember.

So, uh, stay classy, KU. I hope you find something better to chant, maybe something about puppies and rainbows and without any cursing or I hope that those students who feel it is absolutely necessary that they scream "fuck" as they're standing next to five year-olds succeed in sticking it to The Man. Either way, I can't say that I care too much.

UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: about this one I saw posted in the Deadspin comments from Wisconsin, I believe. This is way funnier.

Also, the editor of the Kansan was quoted there as saying, "That's my main objection, actually. We really don't want to be associated with the guy who did two Deuce Bigalow movies." Great point.


Blogger Shawn said...

Don't forget Punch Drunk Love dude! I'd put that at 2 or 3. Nothing can top the original, our good friend Billy Madison.

5:48 PM  
Blogger Paul Hattan said...

Also, let's not forget his appearance in Dirty Work: "We eat the pig and then together we burn!" / "Whatchu talkin'bout, Satan?"

True, it was only a small part of the movie, but 1% of awesome is greater than 90% of lamez0r.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Yeah, Dirty Work is an interesting test case. I've had the same argument with myself on whether I would include that in Chris Farley's best movies or not. I mean, he's in like 5 minutes but those are some of the best scenes in the movie. I like your 1%>90% theory.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Ben said...


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