Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Amazing night

Well, it was a great night.

Kind of.

OK, it was but I can't ever be totally happy. I have to give a big WTF to Lawrence and Douglas County? In 2004 we had 76% turnout and today we only had 62%. There's absolutely no excuse for that and it sounds like it will cost Democrat Nancy Boyda her seat in the House. For so long I'd defended Kansas by saying "well, it may vote red in the presidential election but we have an awesome Democratic governor and 2 of the 4 House seats" but now we may be losing one of those. I donated money for Boyda and worked the phones for Democrats but it may not have been enough. But, on to the good stuff...

Holy shit, Pennsylvania Street in DC looks INSANE! Just imagining Bush trying to sleep while that ruckus is going on outside warms my heart.

I had such a great time partying at Little Miami House here in Lawrence. We had a good, very knowledgeable crowd who was also looking to have a great time. Champagne toasts, "barbaric yawps" to celebrate the victory, to quiet, inspired viewing of McCain's very good concession and Obama's great acceptance speech. I was with a lot of funny people which always makes the night fun.

I try not to get too wrapped up in candidates because they are always human (outside of Kang and Kodos) and often driven by an ego that I can't even begin to imagine. Obama probably fits this mold as well but damn, that man inspires me. Seeing people like Jesse Jackson weeping with joy just made me proud to be a part of this. I obviously wasn't around for the civil rights movement of the 60's and it's hard to know how to get involved in those types of struggles today but I think we made a huge leap forward tonight. It's hard to wrap my head around it in some ways because I've grown up in an era where we've always been told that anyone can achieve anything without exception. That may not always be the truth but it definitely jas more resonance with people older than me. However, I definitely can recognize that somethign special happened in this election. We've got to keep it all going and hold his, and our Reps', feet to the fire to make sure they enact what this country needs. But, for now, let's enjoy this. Yes, we did!!!

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