Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A few quick thoughts (updated)

I've thought a lot about Boyda losing her congressional seat and came to two conclusions. The district really is more conservative than I give it credit for. It has half of Lawrence, Topeka, and Manhattan but outside of that...yeesh. People were sick of Jim Ryun and she took advantage of a big wave. I still wish Lawrence would have turned out better for her though. Second, when she turned down money from the Democratic Congressional Committee I said it was a dumb idea. The NCCC and others spent close to a million dollars and she couldn't keep up with that. It's free money, just take it.

This quote from the article on the overwhelming vote in favor of a sales tax for the Lawrence Transit made me laugh.
“I think this might show that people really do appreciate the T, even though they don’t ride it,” said Mayor Mike Dever, who championed the idea of putting the future of the transit system in the hands of voters.
I'm pretty sure this can go on "Stuff White People Like"...the idea of a bus system. Sure no one actually rides it but we still want it.

Minnesota senator looks incredibly close. I sure hope Al Franken and his gigantic porn collection are headed to Washington.

Looks like overall turnout was down slightly from 2004. That really surprises me but I guess if people thought it was going to be a blowout they might have stayed home. 18-29 year-olds went 66-32 for Obama. Blacks went 95-4 and whites went 55-43 for McCain (dammit whitey!).

Uhh, I should probably get some work done now.

UPDATE: So, I was wrong on the crappy turnout thing. I was looking at the numbers compared to 2004 and it turns out that there's still a lot of votes out there and it's actually the highest % (64.1) since 1908. My bad.


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