Monday, November 03, 2008

Is that an election in your pocket or are you just happy Bush is almost gone?

After years of obsessing over this damn election it's finally about to happen. Here's how you know you've paid way too much attention to this election. If you can go through this retrospective and actually get most of the references. Remembering some of those things from waaaay back made me realize just how long this thing has been going on. I have no idea what I'm possibly going to read or write about when it's over but I suppose I'll find something. Hey, 2010 Midterms are only 2 years away...

Barring a complete collapse due to the failure to vote from dumbasses like us Obama should win this thing. Virginia, Indiana, and Georgia all close early and should tell us how the rest of the night will play out. If Obama wins these the party can start early and the only question will be how big is the margin going to be? From what I've read McCain almost has to have either Virginia or Pennsylvania in order to have a realistic shot to win so pay attention to those (and even if he does take one he still has to pretty much run the table with the rest of the battleground states).

Unfortunately I'm busy all day until 5 or so which means I'll probably have to deal with the worst lines by the time I finally get to the polling station. I have to teach lab all afternoon and I think I'm going to start by saying something like, "if you little fuckers don't hurry up and finish this lab by a decent time I swear on all things holy that I will fail you."

After I get done all that is left is watching the results roll in. Is it going to be more fun to go to an election party and celebrate with other people or would I rather hunker down at my computer with any of the cool election watching websites (DailyKos has an awesome election tracker and fivethirtyeight should be good too)? Tough call. In the early days of The Basement I live blogged the '04 election here and wanted to stick my head in the oven by the time it was over but this one might be slightly more fun.

Anyway, I hope all my readers get their asses out there to vote. Even thought Kansas will almost certainly be red there are still important down ticket races for me to vote for and any vote in Obama's total will help it look like the landslide I hope it will be. I know that many readers also have important races and it really doesn't matter where you live, I know there's a good reason for you to vote so go do it, dammit. Then we can all sit back and enjoy the party.


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