Tuesday, December 09, 2008

NBC Gives Up on Life, Entertaining Me

Just when I thought I might finally be rid of Jay Leno forever he becomes an even more obtrusive force in my life. NBC is announcing that he will now have a nightly one-hour show at the 10 Eastern/9 Central timeslot. I guess when the 35th season of ER is your top rated show at that time for your network you might get a little desperate for anything even if that anything is bland, inoffensive comedy for middle-aged people. Uhh, no offense if you like bland, inoffensive comedy (hey, it's "Dorf on Golf"!) but it's always been a snoozer for me.

Way to go, NBC.


Blogger Shawn said...

I used to think Jay Leno was cool when he was in the Doritos commercials. I am older, and now I believe Doritos chips to actually be cooler than Jay Leno. I also think Jay Leno just made his 5,000th Monica Lewinsly joke as I've been typing this. I am in concert with your rebuke of Leno's penetration further into our culture.

Did hear some befuddlingly cool news when I heard that The Roots are going to be the house band for Jimmy Fallon in Conan's slot when he moves up. Is there going to be a feed on Bravo that broadcasts only the musical commercial breaks of this show so I don't have to hear Fallon giggling like a 10 year old and speaking in a Southy accent in between?


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