Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another Ames landmark to close

I'm pretty sure someday I'll go back and there will be nothing I recognize. Except Welch Ave Station, I guess. I could go in there in 30 years and the same five bartenders will still be working, and the same posters from the 80's will still be on the wall, and Brooke Burke will still be hanging over the urinal.

Anyway, this time it's the Varsity Theatre, a hole-in-the-wall movie theater that mostly showed independent/artsy films while I was in school there. I will say that it isn't exactly a surprise considering more than once I'd go see a movie and we'd be the only people there but I do have quite a few good memories of that place. One of the first I remember was watching a free preview of "Road Trip" before it came out (remember when Tom Green was a superstar? Those were strange times...), lining up to watch Fahrenheit 9/11 and cheering with the sold out crowd when it opened, deciding on a whim to see Napolean Dynamite before it blew up, getting drunk for the midnight movies and throwing popcorn at the people who would pass out, plus just seeing any number of other movies I never would have seen in the days before Netflix. Bummer.


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