Thursday, January 22, 2009

Big Inauguration

Here is the long-awaited Big Picture photo gallery from Tuesday.

#3: Ant hills!

#5 I wonder what kind of thoughts Obama had to look out and see people as far as the eye can see. I have to think that there would be some moment of wonderment and awe at the responsibility he now has.

#9-16 Another moment that brings home the power this event has for those around the world. There were some staggering numbers that came out saying that 60% of the country said they watched part of the events live, 20% watched news coverage, and 20% are the bitter ones making ridiculous whiny comments.

#20 It would have been amazing to be there but I'll bet I had a better, warmer, and much more comfortable viewing experience than these people. But they get to say they were there...

#26 Goodbye already!

#27 Fly faster.

#28 Delusional to the end. "Wow, the whole country thinks I'm still number one."

#39 Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others! I saw one of the clips and wondered how they distributed so many flags. It was a ridiculous number.

#42 A great metaphor for the change that is coming.

#46 Many have commented on how affectionate the Obamas are with each other but I had no idea the press knew details like the one this Fox reporter dropped. Wha??

Great photos, all the way.



Blogger Paul Hattan said...

36: wait, he's a lefty? what other dark secrets will the "real" obama reveal in the next month?

2:47 PM  

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