Wednesday, January 07, 2009

This is (not really) Joe the (not really) Plumber reporting from under some heavy fire right now

Yes, it appears that Joe the Plumber is going to try his hand at being a war correspondent by talking to some Average Yousefs in Israel to see what they think. What? The career as a country singing, book writing, unlicensed plumber isn't panning out? Oh, you "regular Joes" are always wanting more.

Perhaps he's just going to see if the claims that Obama's election would mean "death for Israel"? With analysis that was such bullshit that even Fox wouldn't swallow it I can't see how this won't be an amazing success. We could be talking about the second coming of Edward R. Murrow here. I mean, why should we trust trained professionals to bring us our news when we can just send over this d-bag because he said Obama was socialist once? (Since Joe's so concerned about the working man shouldn't someone ask him why he's taking jobs from real reporters at a time when so many are being laid off?) These people are truly insane. In fact I guarantee someone right now is tracking down the "Obama's an arab" lady to get her ass over there to get some truth up in this thing!

On a sidenote, watching that video brought back some memories of just how ridiculous the campaign was at times. I mean, McCain actually issued a statement distancing himself from the "death to Israel" remarks yet in that same statement claimed that Joe had offered "some penetrating and clear analysis." Ha, when exactly was that? I wonder if McCain ever looks back and sees Palin and Joe and just thinks, "what the fuck was I thinking? Was I drunk that entire campaign? Who told me this would be a good idea?" I was concerned that the Republicans might get their act together but if they're going the Palin/Joe the Plumber route and passing around "Barack the Magic Negro" at the highest levels I might not have much to worry about yet.


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