Thursday, January 29, 2009

When Steve Jobs brought Macintosh down from the heavens

This video of Steve Jobs demonstrating the new Mac in '84 is awesome in so many ways. First, the bow tie was a nice touch but my favorite part is when he lets the Mac "speak for itself" about 3 minutes in. They've really been playing that "Macs are cool, PCs are lame" card for quite a while. Actually my favorite part is the rousing standing ovation that the crowd gives after it does that. It has different fonts! You can pick it up! ZOMG! I can play chess!!!!

Can you imagine dropping something like an iPhone or PowerBook on that crowd? The collective orgasm could have powered cities. Of course 25 years from now people will be watching videos (or I dunno, holograms or whatever the hell those future people will into) of the idiots lined up around the street to get those same iPhones...


Blogger rcombs said...

Sweet! Thats just like Dad's Mac computer that we used to play on when we were little kids!!! Since it was getting that type of response, I'm kind of surprised he let us play with it!

5:47 PM  

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