Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm not one of those dorks who talks about how great it is when spring training starts, waxing on about the crack of the bat and "oh, praise the heavens, baseball is back again! Hallelujah!" Really, I'm not. I do enjoy a good baseball game though and I am looking forward to checking out the newly renovated Kaufman stadium (although no cheap outfield seats? boo) and the slightly improved but still mediocre at best Kansas City Royals!

What's really exciting me is this contest to decide what the retro giveaway will be on the July 4 game against the ChiSox. Will it be the white seat cushion? Meh. Will it be the floppy hat described as "the hat that knows how to relax and not take itself too seriously"? Uhh, that sounds pretty lame. What about the Royals halter top? Eh, I'm intrigued. Ooh, here we go, the Royals tankard! "Say "Cheers" for this popular item and lift an ice-cold beverage in a Royals tankard." Now this sounds like an idea I can get behind.

The halter top sounds great and all and I'm loving the retro pic they have up there. Unfortunately, having been to many games, I'm shuddering at some chunky chick from Raytown squeezing into her "one-size-fits-all" freebie while her tatted up meth-addicted boyfriend accuses anyone who walks by of "hitting on my woman." Uhh, tankard it is!

Let's look through the promotional schedule and figure out a few more games to go to.

"College Happy Hour Night"? I'm guessing that's not what I'm thinking it is.

"Faith and Family Day with postgame concert by MercyMe"? Oh, man, I love those guys and I'm sure they'd love us at Faith and Family Day.

A couple of figurine giveaways, a lot of Retro Nights which usually mean cheap prices, and of course several buck nights which are always great for seeing how many hot dogs you can shove down your throat in an inning but overall the quality seems down a little from last summer. I guess I'll just have to hold out for that tankard.


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