Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Burning Questions

If the country is really teetering on the brink of another depression how is Paul Blart: Mall Cop making over $100 million? I guess all those Oscar nominated movies aren't escapist enough. Or maybe people just love them some Kevin James in fake mustaches.

A sheriff in South Carolina decided to address criticism he recieved over going after Michael Phelps for smoking the reefer in his county not by letting the matter go but by tracking down eight other people at the party and arresting them. I'm kind of curious how they can prove that there was actually weed in that there bong. Well, I guess they did seize it before it could be sold on eBay (I guess everyone from the bong owner to the cameraman to the guys that won $2,000 off Phelps in beer pong are trying to cash in on this). This is quickly becoming the dumbest story of all-time as the morality police are wringing their hands wondering why someone won't please think of the children while meanwhile they're putting up the picture every chance they get.

As far as travesties of the War on Drugs go this is pretty far down the list but our country's obsession with stuff like this kind of boggles my mind sometime. I watched a really good documentary from PBS's Independent Lens on a series of 1999 drug arrests in Tulia, Texas. In this town of 5,000 an undercover cop (featuring a shocking mullet considering this was 1999) claimed that he made enough drug buys to arrest 46 people (40 of whom were black). When the hanging juries started handing out decades-long sentences the rest of them pleaded guilty even though some had no criminal records and even had alibis stating they couldn't have sold any drugs when this guy said he did.

After some great legal work it was discovered that this undercover cop was a crook, liar, and cheat and the people were released. Meanwhile the county tried to cover all of this up because they were bringing in so much federal and state money to fight their "drug problem." It was an amazing story that, sadly, isn't all that shocking any more.

Also from the "Nothing You Could do Would Possibly Shock Me Anymore" file PETA dressed up in KKK sheets to protest outside of the Westminster Dog Show because both groups want to create a master race. Sigh.



Blogger Paul Hattan said...

The sheriff you mention is named Leon Lett, so of course he is going to make some bonehead moves and "drop the ball" on this.

Leon, FFS, just let the ball go.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

9:48 AM  
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