Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sarah Palin - The Great Republican Hope

JUNEAU, Alaska -- A couple of weeks before the Alaska legislature began this year's session, a bipartisan group of state senators on a retreat a few hours from here invited Gov. Sarah Palin to join them. Accompanied by a retinue of advisers, she took a seat at one end of a conference table and listened passively as Gary Stevens, the president of the Alaska Senate, a former college history professor and a low-key Republican with a reputation for congeniality, expressed delight at her presence.

Would the governor, a smiling Stevens asked, like to share some of her plans and proposals for the coming legislative session?

Palin looked around the room and paused, according to several senators present. "I feel like you guys are always trying to put me on the spot," she said finally, as the room became silent
Uh, in what respect, Gary? All of them. Any proposals that are put in front of me over the years. Maverick.

You're a freaking governor and you can't come up with any kind of BS about what you want to accomplish. Would it really be that hard to give some mumbo jumbo about addressing the tough economic climate and falling oil prices and blah blah blah. I know nothing about Alaska but I think I could have come up with something better than that. Could you really not see this one coming? I mean the mere fact that you're meeting with a bunch of state legislators who are talking about the upcoming year didn't tip you off that you might want to have some sort of grasp on the issues facing your state?

Sarah, the reason you always feel like people are hitting you with "gotcha!" questions or "putting you on the spot" is because you're a freaking pinhead. I can't wait for you to lead the Republican charge in 2012. Please let that happen.



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