Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busy week

Between all of the basketball and music I've had a pretty busy week of socializing. Since it's my blog and I've got a slight buzz I'll go ahead and recount some of the highlights.

Tuesday I went to see the Blitzen Trapper at the Jackpot which is a smallish bar and definitely a smaller venue than I would have expected them to play, probably 200 or so people there. It was pretty much packed and they definitely didn't disappoint. Furr is obviously a great song but two of the high points were Black River Killer and Big Black Bird. It was pretty much a perfect night expect for one group of assholes.

The girl that opened the show told a story about how the first time she played Lawrence was also the first time she ever heard cicadas and this moron started screaming about how "they're called locusts. Is there a biologist here? You can tell you're from the city." Everyone around him looked appropriately mortified as his friend decided to contribute by yelling "I just call 'em critters" in the most stereotypical Kansas drawl possible. Their friend was left to meekly say, "I call them cicadas and I've lived here my whole life." Well, yeah, no shit, because that's what they are.

So, I decided I didn't want to stand next to these assholes for BT and moved to the other side only to find that two of their friends had followed me there and proceeded to talk loudly through the entire first half of their set. Finally some girls in front of them told them to shut up leading to a confrontation where these girls were somehow really offended that everyone around them didn't want to hear their inane banter in addition to the music. Fortunately they just bitched about it for a few minutes before finally shutting the hell up.

Anyway, I talked to my sister, who had seen them play in the Twin Cities, about how great it was that they were always bringing in new instruments to play. Lots of different percussion and whistles, etc. I wonder if it's a coincidence that two of my other favorite concerts of the last few years also involved lots of band members playing lots of difference instruments (Decemberists, Arcade Fire).

Wednesday was the ISU-Okie State game which was pretty much the standard story. Craig Brackins absolutely dominated and the rest of the team was way below par. I could write thousands of words about my frustrations with the state of ISU's basketball program but not now. I wasn't a fan of GMac from the time he was hired but I realize we're going to have to stick with him for a while and maybe a little stability the only way they can dig themselves out of this hole.

Thursday I listened to the first half of KU-Baylor in the lab and then took my lunch break in the Union so I could watch it on TV but I don't think I was missing much. They looked like total ass. It's kind of bizarre to me the parallels that can be drawn between the '09 KU team and the '01 ISU team. Both teams were only as good as their point guard (Tinsley and Collins). Both teams weren't expected to win the conference due to their losses from the year before (Fizer/Nurse and almost all of KU's '08 team). The teams finished the year with a blowout loss in Texas, a less-than-inspiring home win to clinch the outright title, and a first round loss to Baylor in the conference tourney. Now, ISU continued to struggle with a loss to a 15 seed. What will KU do? I'd be surprised if that happened but I think they have too many question marks for a deep run in the tourney. All year they've either blown big leads or fallen way behind which is exactly the type of thing that will bite you in the ass in the tourney. Of course if Collins gets hot they could easily prove me wrong but I still think Elite 8 is their ceiling (which would still be a hell of an accomplishment with this young team).

Tonight I ended up with a free ticket to go see the Get Up Kids reunion show in their hometown. Some of my friends from high school were up here to see it and someone just stuck an extra ticket to the door so they picked it up and gave me a call. I enjoyed the show a lot but felt bad because 90% of the crowd was singing along to every word and, at best, I kinda recognized some of the songs from my early days in the dorms playing video games to what we called "Paul Music." They did put on a good show and the crowd was definitely feeling it so it was a good time.

It appears the good times won't stop as I've got a trip to Illinoise planned and a lot of basketball to be watched. Stay tuned...


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You forgot beer drinking, corn dog eating, and drunk dials. Don't sell ILLinois short.


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