Monday, April 20, 2009

Ames Police: Masters of Needless Crowd "Control"

Glad to see that the Ames PD is still operating from the same Veishea playbook that they were 5 years ago when a cop tried to pepper spray us for asking him how to get around the police barricade in order to get home.
Kyle Biel, a former ISU student, came from Chicago to visit friends. He said this Veishea was unlike the experiences he had his freshman and sophomore years at Iowa State.

Biel said he was walking with his friend from Kum & Go, 203 Welch Ave., at approximately 2 a.m. when they were pepper sprayed outside of Pizza Pit, 207 Welch Ave. Unit 201, by an Ames police officer.

“The guy saw me, I walked straight out of Kum & Go and he like followed me out of Kum & Go and moved me in towards the rest of the crowd,” Biel said. “He literally yelled ‘hey’ and to ‘keep moving’ and when he said ‘hey’ we both turned around and apparently because we stopped for half a second we got sprayed.

“I dropped to the ground for a second because my face was on fire and I couldn’t really see anything or breathe because a lot of it had gotten in my mouth.”

Biel said a woman, who he calls a “good samaritan,” escorted him and his friend to Lynn Avenue, their destination.

Biel said he wasn’t sure why he and his friend, who were toward the back of the crowd, were pepper sprayed.

“I’m just sort of pissed because, I mean, that’s sort of excessive force. All they had to do was tell us to keep walking — I don’t know why we got sprayed.”
He's lucky he didn't get hit with the baton like the poor bastard five feet away from me who wasn't moving away fast enough.

According to this article a fight broke out between a few people that led to 4 people getting arrested. Apparently this caused Ames PD to decide that all of Welch Avenue needed to be closed. Bars, food places, everything. OK, so you just closed every bar and restaurant within three blocks on the busiest night of the year. Sounds great except now you have thousands of drunk people standing around trying to figure out how they're going to get home. You know what that means, right? It's macin' time! What a bunch of dipshits.

Honestly, I think we should be worried about saving Veishea from the psycho cops. I do think that what happened in '04 was disgusting but I also think that it could have been avoided if hundreds of partiers on Hunt weren't herded straight towards thousands of bar-goers on Welch. Suddenly you have a massive crowd so the cops get nervous and show up in riot gear. This amps up a few morons who take advantage of the confusion which causes the police to start macing anybody that happens to be in the wrong place. Isn't it kind of an over reaction and potentially escalating a potentially dangerous situation to shut down all of Campustown over one fight? Plus, think about how much business the Gyro Guy or Jimmy John's lost because the police did that. I'd be furious.

Anyway, whoo, Veishea!


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