Sunday, April 12, 2009

Celebrities...they're just like us!

They become zombies during the zombie apocalypse!

If you're anything like me you may have wondered, "hmm, I wonder what Stevie Wonder would look like as a zombie." Or, "do you think zombie Flo-Jo would keep her fake nails?" Well, we're in luck because the French have created a series of images presenting various actors, politicians, musicians, and athletes in states of zombie bliss. Oh, and the answer is yes.

I'll offer a few thoughts on some of the celeb zombies. First, Colin Powell and Ah-nold need to put some damn pants on.

It appears that zombie Bill Gates can still use his money to get some work done.

Some zombies look a lot like their non-zombie bodies already do. Zombie Amy Winehouse doesn't wanna go to zombie rehab either and Michael Jackson's flesh is already falling off so I'm not sure there's any left for the living dead to actually reanimate.

Zombie popes will always make me laugh. And I always love a good Zombie Reagan running for president joke.

This is just mean.

Sentimental fave for zombie connoisseurs.

Without a doubt the coolest-looking zombie. There's no doubt that he will actually live forever so I think a zombie Keith Richards is fairly likely.

Zombie Elvis
is looking better than Elvis at his death.

My favorite part is scrolling through the zombies and finding one that is completely out of the blue like zombie Laika, the first zombie-dog in space, I presume. Or zombie Jeff Buckley. Really? Jeff Buckley became a zombie? Why?

I also enjoy the ones that seem completely inappropriate, like zombie MLK. I also like when certain zombies retain their curmudgeony charm, like zombie Winston Churchill.

Some zombies still exhibit evidence of how they died like zombie John Bonham or zombie Saddam.

Zombie Brandon Lee turned into the Crow???

Some zombies remain fashion icons even when their undead flesh is falling off. I can also tell which zombies I would find hot if I were ever in a zombie state and could go on a date with them without worrying if they're only dating me for my braaains, braaaaains!

Zombie Freddie Mercury
deserves a shoutout.

We'll end with the answer to the other thought quoted above as I present zombie Stevie Wonder.



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