Thursday, April 23, 2009

Didn't we settle this during the Civil War?

I'm not sure there's anyone that annoys me more right now than those morons that talk about secession. So far the most prevalent are Texas governor Rick Perry and Representative Ron Paul.

First, the very idea is absurd to me. I'd love to see Texas suddenly secede from the Union and then try to deal with their Mexican border without all the federal border patrol agents or US military guarding it. I mean, come on, it would be a free for all down there. Then, what about all the federal NASA jobs or military bases? Do they think that they're going to keep all this? I'm sure they love to think about all the great tax breaks their people would get but, uh, can you imagine how much it would cost to raise your own army from scratch? Yeah, you may have some oil to sell but you're still going to be so dependent on the United States that you're probably going to be in a pretty weak position when it comes to negotiating with the the rest of us.

So, outside of the logistical nightmare that it would be (probably crippling to your "country") there's the issue that the civil war and 200 years of Supreme Court tradition have made secession essentially illegal which would probably lead to a war.

But, what really pisses me off is that in the buildup to the two wars we have going now it was supposedly so unpatriotic to question your government. Well, we're still at war but your guy isn't in charge so suddenly threats of secessions aren't somehow treason? Ron Paul alluded to the American Revolution as "secession" but, umm, I'm pretty sure that was an armed rebellion against the government. Is that what you're advocating?

Honestly, these people remind me of those that claimed they were moving to Canada or Europe if Bush was reelected in '04. I'm sure the vast majority of those people never left just like most of you will never do anything to "secede." I mean, come on, what a bunch of tools. If you want to shape this country in the way you'd like to see sack up and win an election like the Democrats did. The people overwhelmingly voted for Obama and the Democrats in '08 so we get to decide how things go for a little while. You may not like it and it may piss you off but from what I remember the options you gave us were to "love it or leave it" or convince the public that you had better ideas. Your ideas have already failed spectacularly so apparently you want to "leave it" but, the thing is, you can't take it with you.


Blogger Ben said...

I forgot to mention that if Texas should secede I propose we keep Austin sort of like the situation with Berlin in East Germany. Perhaps we could even build a wall to keep the whackjob conservatives from trying to seek asylum in our socialist paradise.

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