Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fine, I'll address the Swine Flu issue

I'm sure you've been clicking the refresh button hoping to be the first to get my take on the swine flu that's sweeping across the world. When the flu is even devastating Abilene, KS to the tune of, well, 2 people ill I figure I can't ignore it any longer. I mean, Abilene was the boyhood home of our most perfect president for the 1950's and the Greyhound Hall of Fame. I can only hope their tourism industry won't be decimated like Mexico City's has been. Where was I?

Oh yeah, swine flu. Honestly, I'm having a little trouble getting up for this pandemic. Right now it seems like a lot of hype but not exactly a lot of deaths or sweeping of the nation although it's still possible that it might happen but I'm hopeful that preparations for situations like this will prevent it from doing anything like that. Of course, there are those Republicans like Karl Rove or Susan Collins who lumped pandemic preparation in with crazy things that will never ever happen so we shouldn't ever prepare for the possibility that they might like volcano eruptions. These people helped cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the budget for things like that, even bragging about it on their website until an actual, you know, pandemic threat emerged. Who could have predicted?

Of course, leading the crazy charge this week is Michelle Bachmann, everyone's favorite crazy congresswoman (who's not from my state). Fresh off of displaying her vast knowledge of sciece by explaining to all of us that global warming isn't a problem because "carbon dioxide is a natural byproduct of nature" she apparently wants us all to know that she's a pretty accomplished historian in her own right.

Uhh, except the last swine flu outbreak occurred in 1976 when Republican Gerald Ford was in charge. Whoops.


Blogger rcombs said...

She is the reason I'm refusing to put the MN plates on my car.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Paul Hattan said...

dont blame me, i voted for Kodos.

1:03 PM  

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