Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ridiculous story on NPR today

Today on NPR's "All Things Considered" they ran a story on the supposed shortage of ammunition across the country that consisted mainly of an interview with a Texas gun owner. The piece basically gave this guy free reign to go on and on about how all of his customers are afraid that Obama will be taking away their guns that they want to stock up while they still can. At one point he went on a rant that made my jaw drop in disbelief as the interviewer allowed everything he said to go completely unchallenged.
They're so scared of the socialist type of 'let's take over the banks, let's talk about take over the oil companies, let's give all of this money to people who are without jobs, let's, let's reward all these people who are not working hard," and they said well if the government is going thataway what are they going to try to take away from us now. And that you know what the big concern is, they're worried about not being able to get any ammo and not being able to protect themselves. They feel like if the criminals know you can't get guns then it's just going to make it easier target to commit crimes.
Who exactly is talking seriously about any type of gun control legislation? What are these people so afraid of?

I've seen people go batshit crazy during the Clinton years with every whacko conspiracy theory in the book up until Y2K which he was going to exploit in order to remain in power. We're returning to the days of "black helicopter" sightings and the militia movement and Tim McVeigh's of the world. It's already starting with the paranoid gun nut (and apparently Glen Beck fan) that killed three cops in Pittsburgh and the ridiculous rhetoric coming from these fringe whackos. People like Glen Beck egg them on with increasingly violent rhetoric of their own but then react with outrage that someone would even think of accusing them of playing any part is this whole mess. I don't even want to link to the BS Beck was saying today but if you search around I'm sure you could find it. I'm hopeful that these morons will be content to head out into the desert to shoot up abandoned cars and rant on their websites but I wouldn't count on it.

If NPR insists on giving them a platform to espouse their views it would be nice if they would actually follow up with a dose of the truth because their journalistic "effort" on this story was pretty weak.


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