Saturday, May 23, 2009

Completely bizarre story ends up with me the winner

Tonight I went to prom by which I mean fake prom where one of my local bars raises money for a women's shelter by hosting a fake prom. I bought a couple of raffle tickets hoping to win one of the prizes. The prize I most wanted to win was an area rug that I felt would really tie the room together. They had given out all of the prizes and I hadn't won shit but on my way out the door I asked my former student who had organized the whole event what happened to the rug she promised they would give out. "Oh, shit, we forgot the rug." So they grabbed the bucket of raffle tickets and holy shit, would you believe it, my name came up. So, I'm walking home with my rug and this girl comes up to help me carry it. We're talking and her friend comes up and decides he's going to help me carry the rug to my place. As we're walking it turns out that he's taking a bunch of people up to the top of the KU campanile because he plays it and has a key. Would I like to go? Umm, yeah.

Next thing I know I'm climbing up stairs and ladders and sitting up at by far the highest point in Lawrence. I mean, this was a case of the most bizarre circumstances ever coming together and allowing me an opportunity that would be just about impossible for anyone else. One minute I'm heading home planning on sleeping and the next minute I'm the owner of a new rug that will really tie the room together and hanging out with a bunch of hot girls on the top on the campanile. Unbelievable. Life is good.


Blogger erin said...

you're like the king of lawrence! if you come to austin, i'll find a way to take you to the top of the UT tower....and i'll give you my welcome mat.

10:05 AM  

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