Monday, June 15, 2009

Crime alert!!!!

There's been a string of robberies in and around my neighborhood lately. Some of the commenters in the LJ World seem to think that it's a direct result of Barack Obama's "socialist policies" but I'm not quite convinced that's the reason, yet. I mean, I seem to remember crime in this city before Obama became president but maybe that's just liberal revisionist history on my part. Anyway, it kind of strikes me as odd that they keep robbing drunk college kids on their way home from the bar. Any self-respecting student isn't going to be going home with more than a couple bucks in their wallet, are they? Either way it's a shame that college kids can't stumble home drunk without worrying about being rolled.

Today the police released sketches of the criminals and, well, it's a little confusing. Isn't that pretty much the same picture except one guy has a hat on and the other doesn't? What good is that at all? Are these guys twins? Did the person describing them just say, "uh, they were black guys. Yeah, that looks like them." or what? Is that really the best they can do? What completely worthless drawings, LPD.

The article that lists the strings of robberies fails to mention my favorite when two guys went after somebody leaving Louise's West. They tell him to hand over his wallet and he says "I have nothing" and takes off running. I'm pretty sure that's what I'd do. I rarely carry much cash on me and I'll cancel my card as soon as you leave so basically you're just taking my Yello Sub punch card and making me get a new driver's license and library card. Is causing me all that inconvenience really worth it? I think it's better for both of us if I just run away.


Blogger Paul Hattan said...

Heh, those sketches made me laugh. It looks like someone took the first sketch and used MS Paint to draw a hat on it. So bad. Classic.

2:53 PM  

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