Monday, June 08, 2009

Pirates roaming the halls of power

The Pirate Party won a Swedish seat in the new European Parliament elections. Let me extend a hearty "yarrrr!" in congratulations.
A Swedish political party which wants to legalize file-sharing on the Internet scored a surprise victory Sunday when it took a seat in the European parliament.
Pirate Party supporters celebrate the party's surprise victory in Sweden.

The Pirate Party won 7.1 percent of the Swedish vote to claim one of the country's 18 seats in the European parliament.

"Together we have changed the landscape of European politics," Pirate Party leader Rick Falkvinge told file-sharing news Web site TorrentFreak after the win.

"The citizens have understood it's time to make a difference."

The single-issue party was founded in 2006 through anger in Sweden at controversial laws that criminalize file-sharing.

After doing some reading I don't think I'd call them a "single-issue party" but their focus is definitely on freedom of information on the web and privacy from the government issues.


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