Thursday, June 11, 2009


Got this from Terrace Agenda:
An Italian woman who arrived late for the Air France plane flight that crashed in the Atlantic last week has been killed in a car accident.

Johanna Ganthaler, a pensioner from Bolzano-Bozen province, had been on holiday in Brazil with her husband Kurt and missed Air France Flight 447 after turning up late at Rio de Janeiro airport on May 31.

All 228 people aboard lost their lives after the plane crashed into the Atlantic four hours into its flight to Paris.
We could point to whatever those crappy sets of movies where the kids were supposed to die but didn't and then death stalked them (or whatever, I never actually saw them) or Charlie attempting to avoid his fate in Lost but really isn't life just sort of a weird set of coincidences? Like a giant Plinko board or something?

I don't really buy into "fate" or "purpose" or "everything happens for a reason." Sometimes shit just happens. One woman survived the sinking of the Titanic and lived for another 97 years. This woman gets an extra week. Why? Who the hell knows.


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