Thursday, July 16, 2009

Buy stuff, dammit

So, my town had a giant sidewalk sale today. It's an annual event and all of the downtown businesses throw their crap on a sidewalk with ridiculous price cuts and the hordes gather at dawn to buy it. I mocked the breathless coverage provided by our local newspaper which included a live blog and constant Twitter updates of the bargains but then I ended up selling out and actually going there only to buy a pair of shoes for 20% off. It reminded me that sidewalk sales would be great if I could actually walk down the sidewalk without knocking over some clueless mom or look through the merchandise without having to dodge some asshole pushing his way through.

Sunflower, the local bike/outdoor shop had some ridiculous deals but it turns out that 40% off Patagonia and North Face is still too much for me to spend. However, if I really wanted a $250 coat that was the time to get it. Unfortunately, sales like those weren't always the norm as some store had an entire table of fur-lined Crocs. Awesome. Yeah, Crocs suck in general and I'm not sure trying to tie them to Ugg boots are going to help any but good luck selling those. According to this they're one of 14 things being killed off by the recession. Good riddance.


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