Saturday, July 25, 2009

I can't take it any more

Zack Greinke is having one of the best pitching seasons in the decade and in the 20 games he's pitched the Royals have a 10-10 record. Like, is that even possible? Surely even a minor league team could come up with a better record than that when your pitcher has an ERA of freaking 2.04, right?? They've scored 2 runs or fewer in 8 freaking games he's pitched! Tonight, Zack gave up 1 run in 7 innings with 10 strikeouts and still got the loss. I'm apoplectic that this team is wasting him like they are but, hey, Dayton Moore says TRUST THE PROCESS! Oh, right, the process where we overpay for people that can't get on base and can't field and lose 47 of their last 66. It's like the Simpsons episodes when Flanders gets married in Vegas.

Royals fans: Well do something. This is all your fault. You and your stupid program!
Dayton Moore: Blame me if you must, but don’t ever speak ill of the program! The Program is rock solid! The Program is sound!

Obviously. Who could possibly find a flaw in the process of trading decent relievers for crappy position players until your bullpen blows 6 straight leads and your defense is terrible and your players can't get on base?
Moore points to the club’s 18-11 start, prior to the onset of injuries to several key players, as validation of the organization’s approach.
Oh, wait, you started 18-11. Clearly that should be the benchmark we judge this team by instead of the absolute shitstorm that followed it, right?
“I go back to the same thing all of the time,” he said. “If our processes were so poor, how were we able to put together a pretty good team in the off-season? We went through the process, and most people around baseball felt we were vastly improved.

“That’s what we have tried to do in repairing some of the injuries that have occurred. That’s all I can say.”
Oh, right the injuries. Coco Crisp? Alex Gordon? Soria? Like those are the guys that are going to make the difference between a decent team and just another horrible Royals team? Even when Soria's healthy he doesn't get used! Gordon's batting below .150. Who exactly is our savior here?

Plus, you're hanging your hat on what people predicted your team to finish? Those people were morons. Your awesome offseason moves were apparently Mike Jacobs and Willie Bloomquist. Clearly a lineup that will strike fear in the rest of the AL Central.

I had a lot of hope that maybe Dayton Moore actually got it and maybe he does know baseball but this attitude that he has (and is replicated by Trey Hillman) makes me realize that if he's this unwilling to admit that mistakes may have been made that he absolutely doesn't have what it takes to win in KC. Awesome, I can't wait to cheer for more 90-100 loss teams for the foreseeable future.


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