Thursday, July 23, 2009

Message I received in my Facebook inbox yesterday

Subject: Where are you from?
I was trying to teach some kids in Houston about the Mennonites and they have no idea that anyone could live so simply. I grew up in a town near Yoder, KS... until I moved here to Houston. Are you from Yoder or Buhler??

Umm, ok. This is from a woman I've never heard of in my life (her last name is Schmidt-McCollum) and I have no idea how she found me or knew that I was a Mennonite or what the hell would posses someone to send a message like that. Does she think I'm Amish? I guess I wasn't aware that my Mennonite lifestyle was that incredibly simple that kids from Houston would marvel at it. Is she shocked that Mennonites are on Facebook? Does she think all Mennonites live in Yoder? Coincidently I did grow up about 5 or so miles from Buhler but she doesn't know that.

So, I'm debating what to do here. I could do the nice, polite thing and tell her where I'm from and maybe go about explaining that her ideas about what Mennonites are is probably based on misconceptions and confusion with the Amish. Or I could screw with her.

Maybe I'll just make up a bunch of stuff and pretend to be Amish and I'll get in trouble if the church leaders find out I power the computer hidden in my barn with a modified butter churn. Or maybe I'll update her that the typical Mennonite lifestyle (at least of the ones I hang out with) consists of drinking beer and watching sports on TV. That'll really blow the minds of those kids in Houston.

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