Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Tragedy strikes.
The Ames and Nevada locations of Battle’s Barbeque were forcibly closed Tuesday due to late payment and nonpayment of income taxes, according to a source from the state.

Police from both cities were asked to escort workers from the Iowa Department of Revenue as they shut both stores at around noon.

Marty McNeal, an employee at the Ames location at 218 Welch Ave. on the campus of Iowa State University, said he understood it to be a matter of finances.

“Basically, our finances went a little downhill,” he said. “I don’t know much, other than there were some bills (owner) Sherry Battle didn’t get paid off.”

Renee Mulvey, of the Iowa Department of Revenue, said Battle had been late on paying sales taxes on the two stores on 11 occasions in the last 24 months. To stay open, the state would have required the company to post a $15,100 bond against its tax liability. Battle reportedly did not pay and did not make arrangements for payment.
I...I just don't even know what to say. I guess I always thought we'd have more time. I mean, I was just driving through Ames last weekend but it was a Sunday and I knew they were closed so I stopped by Great Plains instead. I always thought I was doing my part by ordering extra meat but maybe I could have done more. Why didn't I buy a bottle of sauce last time I was there? I SHOULD HAVE DONE MORE, DAMMIT!

Is it even Ames any more if Battle's is closed? I feel like I'll be returning to a zombie town; it still pretty much looks the same outside of a few odd features but the soul is gone. Of course, there's always a chance it could return from the dead in its own zombie form. My favorite pizza place had the exact same thing happen to it last year and I thought it was gone forever but he struck a deal with the state and they let him reopen. Unfortunately he jacked up the prices and cut back on the ingredients so it wasn't nearly the same place. I'm not sure I'd want to see Battle's existing in a state like that. Plus, you might have a Pet Sematary thing where the BBQ is still good but it rips apart your intestines. Kind of a push, I guess.

I'm receiving reports that Fred Hoiberg has declared tomorrow an official Day of Mourning in Ames and that fans are leaving wreaths made from empty sauce bottles outside of the original location on Hayward. A tragic day indeed.


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Fat guys and Skinny guys a like mourn the loss...


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