Thursday, July 23, 2009


Is there anything dumber than this supposed "controversy" over where Obama was born? We've got two wars, an economic crisis, health care reform on the table, and probably a billion other more important issues and this is what our news thinks is important. I expect the extreme right wingers to focus on BS like this because that's what they always do but why the hell to supposedly legitimate news organizations give them time? For the love of God people have seen his legitimate birth certificate and the freaking newspaper reported his birth! So, did they honestly know 48 years ago that this man might run for president and convince the local paper to fake his birth announcement just so he could fool everyone and install his top secret socialist muslim agenda? I mean, seriously? This is almost too ridiculous to believe or the absolute best conspiracy ever with more foresight than any conspiracy has ever had before. Part of me kind of enjoys this because if this is honestly the best they can do then he must be doing an OK job. Anyway, here's Jon Stewart destroying them.


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