Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Way to go, Washington Post

From a chat with Ben Pershing, one of their political bloggers:
Boston: Ben, not to be a conspiracist, but how come "Birthers" and "Vince Foster" conspiracists get play on the real media while "9/11 Truthers" had to settle for posting a billion comments after articles on everything from politics to sports to dog grooming?

Ben Pershing: Perhaps because there is an actual videotape of the planes hitting the World Trade Center that billions of people around the world have seen, while there is no videotape of Obama being born in Hawaii or Vince Foster committing suicide.
Oh, that makes perfect sense. There's no video of doctors in Hawaiian shirts catching a kid wearing a lei popping out of a mom in a grass skirt next to the ocean and a volcano so clearly the birth certificate and announcements in two local papers mean there just might be something to this conspiracy.

Once again, possibly one of the dumbest stories in recent years.


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