Saturday, August 08, 2009

DT 58

One of my favorite Chiefs of all-time goes into the Hall of Fame today. I've written about this before but I have a lot of great memories watching him as a kid and as good as he was in real-life he was probably even better in Tecmo Super Bowl.

I'm predicting zero of you will watch this 8 minute highlight video but I'll include it anyway. There are some great hits on Ol' Horseface (DT's most-sacked QB) and I have no idea how he owned Steve Young and Warren Moon so much but they make almost as many appearances as the AFC West teams. I love how many of his sacks turned into fumbles. The Chiefs had such an amazing ball-hawking defense in those days. Sure their inept offense inevitably led to epic playoff choke jobs but those were still pretty amazing teams.


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