Thursday, September 17, 2009

Andy Richter Controls the Jeopardy Universe

Andy Richter completely destroyed CNN's Wolf Blitzer in Celebrity Jeopardy today. Going into Final Jeopardy Wolf was at negative $4600 and Andy was over $30,000. It's hilarious watching Wolf ring in again and again only to find the wrong answer while Andy keeps racking up the dollars. You could have done better if you just never pressed your button at all! He looks so pissed off too.

My favorite part is the condescension in Alex Trebek's words at the end as he explains that on Celebrity Jeopardy they let EVERYONE play Final Jeopardy no matter how much of a moron they might be. "Well, Wolf, it didn't work out like you hoped it would. Andy just so much faster on the signaling button today." Uh, yeah, that was it.


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