Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

"Well, you've got to understand: They're Republicans. They're just doing what comes natural."
Michigan Rep. John Dingell

Republicans have done a fine job embarrassing themselves over the past week between the "uproar" over the school speech and the elected representatives tonight. I chose to watch the World Cup qualifier between the US and Trinidad and Tobago (highlights included steel drum renditions of the national anthems to open the match and the US pulling out another ugly win...although there's something to be said about playing Trinidad AND Tobago at the same time, right?) instead of the live speech from President Obama but I've read about it and seen some highlights. A lot of the reaction has focused on South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson who yelled out "you lie" in the middle of the speech (not surprisingly during the very part of the speech when Obama was correcting lies told by the right). Other Republicans brought props such as stacks of paper (huh?) and signs that said "what bill?" Uhh...sick burn? I think it says a lot that these are literally (and not the type of literally that actually means figuratively) issues of life and death for many people and their level of discourse could be compared to that of a three year-old throwing a tantrum.

Even when the relationship between Bush and the Democrats was at their worst can you imagine them cat-calling from the floor of Congress or waving signs like it's a damn campaign event? Seriously, what's with these assholes? Eight years of scolding about how "liberals need to respect the office" and now the rules suddenly don't apply anymore.

It's kind of funny that before the speech many Obama supporters seemed pretty disillusioned with what he and other Democrats were willing to give up in order to get a bill passed while now everyone seems to be pretty fired up for the final push. I think most of that comes from being glad that he showed some passion for this but a lot of it is in response to their completely disrespectful behavior from the Republicans. Either way I'm hopeful that this speech stemmed the tide and can give this thing a nudge back in the right direction.


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I am the one and only Moon Master.

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Arise, chicken. Chicken, arise.

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