Thursday, September 17, 2009

More sounds

Despite the fact that huge portions of my life are taken up by science and football I've still managed to find time to hit up some really good shows around town.

Last Friday I went to see Crocodiles at Jackpot. I had heard this song but hadn't heard any of their other stuff until I checked out their MySpace page. They get some shit for ripping off Jesus and Mary Chain but other than Pitchfork shitting all over them (it's kind of hard to figure out Pitchfork reviews because you have to take into account whether they're in the process of really hyping up a band or in the process of tearing the same band down or just reacting to the hype from someone else by taking a contrary view and bitching about the hype that band got. I think it's answer C in this case...) they got pretty good reviews. The show was great so I don't think I have to worry about it.

Last night John and I decided to go see the Antlers at the last minutes which was easily the best decision we made all day. The second band, Thieves, had one of the most elaborate (and actually somewhat entertaining) sound checks ever. They kind of lost me when they went "backstage" (read: into the alley) after that so they could walk in 2 minutes later. OK, you're an opening band at the Jackpot and we just watched you sound check for 10 minutes. Let's go, already.

That said, they had the most impressive stage show from a local band I've seen. Lots of lights set up with their music, great sound equipment they brought, etc. They were kind of like a noisier version of Radiohead and their last song was one of the best of the night.

The Antlers' latest album is probably one of the saddest and best albums of the year. Anytime you call your album "Hospice" I guess you know what you're getting into and a lot of it deals with death, illness, cancer, etc. with a lot of it apparently based on his own recent experiences with a loved one. "Two" might be one of my favorites I've heard. Anyway, I would say if you're into the indie scene this might be one you should check out.

Speaking of the indie scene it wouldn't be a show in Lawrence without some sort of comment on the crowd. There wasn't anything terribly noteworthy except the disproportionate number of really attractive indie girls there (the Antlers must be huge in that set) and this group of guys that went up to the very front of the stage the second the last opener was done. Everyone is kind of making their way back to the bar and these guys are shoving their way up there so they can be two feet from the guitarist while they sing every word and applaud every time they recognize a song. We get it, you're waaay more into this band than all of the rest of the posers here.

Finally, I'll give some love to one of my favorite local bands, Ghosty. You can hear their new EP here. Really laid back but some good stuff there, I think.


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