Sunday, September 06, 2009

Obama Derangement Syndrome

During the W years liberals were often accused of having Bush Derangement Syndrome for allegedly immediately opposing anything he did but doesn't it seem like the far right wingnuts have easily topped anything like that?

When I first heard that there was a controversy over Obama giving a speech to school kids I was honestly confused. Really? Telling kids to work and hard and stay in school is really just some sort of plot to indoctrinate them as part of a socialist agenda? Right.

Of course this hasn't ever been a problem before when Bush I and II were doing the same thing. Hell, they even found a speech where Reagan is explaining why tax cuts were a good thing to a group of kids. From what I've read it's going to be a bland, positive back-to-school message. Why the hell is this so "controversial"? Aren't some of the more rational conservatives embarrassed that their party is now hyping up these off-the-wall conspiracy theories about birth certificates and socialist indoctrination, just to name a few? It's completely insane watching these people go off the deep end anytime there isn't a Republican president. News flash: we have elections in this country and just because your candidate isn't elected doesn't mean your country is being stolen from you or your rights are all being stripped or we've suddenly turned into the USSR. Leave the revolution rhetoric at home and figure out a way to win the next election.

The arguments these people make about why the speech is so incredibly wrong are completely laughable too. I read (and briefly participated in) a Facebook conversation with someone who compared Obama to a child molester as a way of explaining why she wouldn't let someone she thinks is "dangerous" talk to her kids about "anything." Give me a break.

Then there's this blog post I came across entitled "The Problem Isn't Obama's Speech to Kids, It's His Dictatorial Style and Socialist Agenda." Oh, right.
Had the president stuck to the standard back-to-school address instead of attempting to promote his (socialist) agenda, he would not be in this mess.
The public outrage stems primarily from Obama's dictatorial style of forcing children to support him. Who can't help but think of the Soviet Union during the Cold War?

Also, the country's educational system is based on state rights, so the federal Government's intervention in such an extreme way -- putting a TV speech in a classroom -- is un-American.

In addition, although I agree with the president's overall message of encouraging kids to take personal responsibility, study hard, and stay in school, the concept that the federal government can teach - rather, dictate - this lesson is offensive to parents.

If anyone is going to have an influence in a child's education and future, it is a parent or teacher. What mother or father thinks a TV speech by the president would be more effective in encouraging their children than their own family lessons?
Wow. So, I'm pretty sure the speech IS a standard back-to-school speech. How exactly is he "forcing" children to support him? What exactly would their support accomplish anyway? Wow, Obama's polling great among 5-year-olds!

The last three paragraphs are the ones that really get me. Is she serious about this states' rights thing? The (federal) Department of Education spends over $60 billion a year on education but apparently because the vast majority of funding is from state and local sources we should pretend that any federal government official doesn't exist. That's the American way. Or something.

Then she completely loses all hope of making a logical argument when she claims that hearing a message about hard work from someone that isn't a parent is completely offensive. Parents must be the only purveyors of positive influence on their children!

I'm going to quote this last part again just to make sure everyone is fully aware of the stupidity of her argument:
If anyone is going to have an influence in a child's education and future, it is a parent or teacher. What mother or father thinks a TV speech by the president would be more effective in encouraging their children than their own family lessons?
NO ONE! NO ONE WOULD THINK THAT BECAUSE IT'S OBVIOUSLY NOT GOING TO HAVE A MAJOR IMPACT. YOU'RE THE ONE THAT JUST SPENT THE FIRST HALF OF YOUR BLOG POST ARGUING THAT HE IS GOING TO INDOCTRINATE CHILDREN WITH HIS SOCIALIST AGENDA! Which is it??? Is he indoctrinating them or are his words meaningless? Jeebus, wtf is wrong with you? At least try to make a coherent argument...please?


Anonymous Mike Licht said...

After the President of the United States speaks to school children about the value of education, Republicans will make opposing comments extolling ignorance.


10:18 PM  
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