Friday, September 04, 2009

What a great organization

It's hard to ignore Royals' GM Dayton Moore's incredible ability to stockpile guys that never get on base and can't field, trade prospects for crappy position players to replace the crappy position players we have, and above all, to deflect any sort of blame from himself. A supremely competent owner, like David Glass, will recognize this greatness and extend his contract out to 2014.

Another hilarious article about Moore came out in the Star today. I'll go ahead and post some of the gems.
“Yes, Trey will be back,” Moore told The Star in an extended interview. “I think Trey has done an exceptional job under the circumstances. I think it’s important that Trey gets the opportunity to see this thing through.

“I know things would have been drastically different if we would have stayed healthy, and I don’t think it’s fair to completely judge Trey’s performance based on what’s happened with the lack of wins with our major-league team.”
Drastically different? Who exactly did the Royals lose that would magically make them a contender? Jose Guillen? The only reason he wasn't benched before he got hurt is because you signed him to a ridiculously expensive three year contract. Alex Gordon? Eh, maybe, but you just sent him down to AAA. Gil Meche? Perhaps if the manager wasn't making him throw 120 pitches the game after he got shelled and you said he had a "dead arm" he might not have had to miss a start or two? Dunno, just an idea. Soria? Tough to use a "closer" when you're always behind in the 9th. Coco Crisp was playing slightly better than expected so, sure, that might have helped.

The point is that he's constantly going on about the hard luck while ignoring the fact that he has an entire team of guys that are slow, play shitty defense, can't hit for power, don't walk (like, ever), are embarrassingly bad on the base paths (and any of the other "fudamentals" Dayton and Trey claim are so important), and they strike out a lot even when they are healthy.

Key example of this thinking:
“The biggest criticism that I’ve read that people have of Trey is he can’t manage our bullpen,” Moore said. “I’ll tell you, I’m not sure the greatest baseball mind in the history of the game could figure the right matchups on certain nights.

“And I’ll clarify that by saying we have very talented relief pitchers in our bullpen who just haven’t performed up to their capabilities. To me, that’s no fault of Trey’s. That’s just a reflection of guys all having down years at the same time.”
This will go up in the George W. Bush "Things No One Could Have Predicted Except Everyone Did" Hall of Fame. What? You mean it wasn't a good idea to bring in Kyle Farnsworth? He's on like his 6th consecutive down year.
Moore remains convinced those qualities will carry Hillman and the entire organization through this season’s disheartening collapse from an 18-11 start that produced a three-game lead atop the American League Central.
If you start the year 18-11 and then go 33-71 which do you think is probably more relevant?
“Is it Trey’s fault that in giving a young Billy Butler the opportunity to play first base, that we’ve had numerous 3-6-3 opportunities for a double play — and can’t execute that?"
Way to call out one of the few bright spots not named Zack Greinke. I'm sure that one double play he blew was really the lynchpin of the season.
“In our immediate-gratification society,” he said, “everybody wants to point fingers. But from what I’ve seen from everything that goes on in this organization, Trey Hillman’s leadership is one of the strengths of our organization.
It's society's fault! You all want instant gratification after 20 years of shitty baseball. What's your problem?

The problem I have with this line of thinking is that every move he made before and during the season was based on a "win now" mentality. It's pretty obvious to me that with the complete lack of ready prospects and the gaping holes pretty much everywhere that it's time to cash in on some of these guys. Why not trade Meche or Teahen now if they won't be around when the team actually is ready to compete (whenever that might be)? In the article Moore said:
“I hold myself accountable with regard to that as well. Here’s why: If our players can’t be successful in those types of situations, they have to be held accountable. But it’s very difficult to hold them accountable when we don’t have enough resources at Double-A and Triple-A in terms of players — not in terms of finances but in terms of (capable) players — at this point in time.”
Exactly! Freaking trade for some prospects! I know you're not going to get a potential all-star for those guys but maybe an upgrade somewhere.

The sad thing is I think they are getting a lot of stuff right by investing a lot in the scouting department and not shying away from paying their draft picks but their complete inability to admit any kind of mistake makes me think they might be doomed in KC. That and 85% of their moves at the major-league level suck, but, whatever.

Alright, thanks for letting me get that out of my system.


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