Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some reading

A couple of things I found interesting today:

A long, but very informative and persuasive story in WIRED on how parents that choose not to vaccinate their children based on pseudoscience put us all at risk. It's nice to see somebody take an unequivocal stand against the type of BS the anti-vaccine crowd likes to spread. Not surprisingly the author is receiving death threats.

The World Cup will be played in South Africa next year. Not surprisingly this will line the pockets of a few while the poor suffer. One of the sites has been particularly plagued by corruption and the stadium is in sight of a slum with no running water or electricity. The local officials took over the area school for their offices forcing the children to learn in a storage containers with no AC. Glad we have our priorities straight.

Why do I feel like this guy wants my gravel?

Finally, go Phillies.


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