Sunday, October 25, 2009

weekend update

I spent the weekend in my hometown hanging out with family and future family which was a good time. It was actually kind of odd to be home because even though it's only been a few months since I was there a lot has changed. They're expanding the highway that we used to get pretty much everywhere from my house (thank you, Obama money!) which will be cool. The weird part comes when you drive down a highway and they bulldozed every house or tree that used to serve as a landmark. Oh yeah, and most of the side roads are closed so you'll have to drive 5 miles out of your way to get home. Progress!

Then once I actually get home they cut down the row of trees on one side of our road in order to move all of the power lines over to that side, and all of the pine trees in our old apple orchard are dead, and we have a new fence, and a remodeled bathroom. To quote Biggie, things done changed.

Much of the talk amongst the family revolved around my sister's wedding planning which is completely understandable if not slightly mind-numbing for me. It all sounds great and they're going to do a great job with it but it seems like kind of a shame that I probably won't even notice the subtle effects that shade of green has on the cream in those centerpieces. Hopefully someone else will.

Outside of the family time the highlight of the weekend had to be Iowa State beating Nebraska in Lincoln for the first time since the late 70's. ISU was without their #1 QB and their #1 running back (one of the best in the conference) but still found a way to win. On yeah, that way was Nebraska turning it over 8 freaking times. What makes it even more hilarious was that 4 of those turnovers were inside ISU's 5 yardline. Apparently the goal line is kryptonite to the Husker offense. After watching ISU miss a potential tying PAT and overthrow a wide open receiver on a potential game-winning touchdown I don't think they need to apologize for catching a few breaks.

I really enjoyed this video of the team after the game. In fact, I may have even enjoyed it more than the shots of stunned Husker fans looking like their grandma just died. The locker room scene at the end is great and Rhoads seems like he's really connected with the team and fans in a way that Cheesedick never did.


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