Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Good to see Tim Floyd is staying busy

Check out this video of former Idaho, New Orleans, Iowa State, Chicago Bulls, New Orleans Hornets, and USC (did I miss anybody?) basketball coach getting into the middle of a fight at some casino in California. Apparently he's enjoying his time off from coaching. Living off the money he buried in his back yard? Unless Eustachy got to it first...

It kind of looks like he's auditioning for the job of the bald bouncer on the Springer Show. It's a classic "I'll let the fight go on for a while then saunter over just when things about to get really out of control" move. I'm pretty sure the women are auditioning for a role on the show too. Vegas has the odds at 2-1 this was a fight that somehow involved a baby daddy.

I also love that crazy chick who tries to go WWE on him with the chair while the other guy just holds it over her head. She's persistent.


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