Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pretty slow sports day

Let's recap what happened in this area today.

Zack Greinke won the Cy Young award with all but 3 first place votes. Clearly a well-deserved award for one of the best seasons in the last decade. I'm proud to say I got to see him pitch 2 of his worst games all year.

Dwayne Bowe was suspended four games for performance enhancing drugs which was apparently a diuretic he took during training camp in order to lose weight. During camp the media made a big deal about how the Chiefs had lost a combined 700 pounds or something ridiculous like that. Uhh, hope the rest of that was legal. Of course losing Bowe for four games won't matter much because apparently we'd rather go to Lance Long more often.

Larry Johnson, recently cut by the Chiefs, signed with the Bengals today who happen to play KC in December. Larry went to Twitter to describe how he wanted to destroy KC then. Alright, but it might take a little more than the 2.7 yards per carry you've got so far this season.

Mark Mangino may be fired within the week? Apparently some players are in an open mutiny that has led to closed door meetings between the AD and players and the AD and coach. The rumor mill is flying and I've heard he did everyone from choke a guy to poking someone in the chest. I think rumors that he ate Toben Opurum are false even if that might explain why he never sees the field when he's clearly the best back they have. Hell of a football season for KU. I remember before the ISU game I predicted that they'd probably beat the Cyclones but I could see them finishing the year at 5-7. Everyone laughed at me but, well, they almost lost that game and are 5-5 right now with games against Texas and Mizzou left. I had a friend back in college who predicted the Vikings would blow out the Chiefs when they played in '03 and the Chiefs were pretty good. KC was like 12-2 at the time and I thought he was crazy but then it happened. He said something like, "I don't just predict these things for no reason" in the most condescending way. It really pissed me off at the time.

So, yeah, Mangino. The LJWorld says it's because he has a history of berating people like the student employee who ticketed him for parking in a loading zone for the 23rd time (insert Mangino is so big he deserves his own loading zone joke). My favorite Mangino temper story is the time he got tossed from his son's high school football game for going after the refs. This dude really does have anger control issues. Jason Whitlock says it's because he's fat.

KU basketball almost crapped the bed against Memphis. On Friday they blasted a Hofstra team that hung with UConn today but their offense was absolutely brutal tonight. Way too many turnovers and missed shots. Collins went out with cramps a few times leaving Reed to run the point which seemed like an adventure. After the game Bill Self didn't seem too pissed and acted like maybe this was a good thing for the team. They've still got a boatload of talent but they've got a ways to go before people start thinking undefeated seasons.

They busted a cockfighting ring in rural Douglas County today. Really? There are cockfights around here? I had no idea.

So, yeah, not much going on here. In non-area news Lucca Staiger set the Iowa State single-game record formerly held by Dedric Willoughby by hitting 10 of 16 threes against Drake tonight in a 20 point win. I've got to admit that I haven't seen them play yet but I'm cautiously optimistic that they might have an NCAA tourney team here.


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