Tuesday, December 22, 2009

False alarm, God didn't kill James Inhofe

Check out this crazy who called into CSPAN in tears (video here) because his local teabagger group had been praying that Senator Byrd would die before the health care vote. He wasn't crying because Byrd had died or anything but because he noticed that Republican Senator Inhofe had missed the vote and they were worried God had double-crossed them and killed the wrong guy or something. The man then accuses the Republican Senator from Wyoming for not praying hard enough to kill Byrd.

You mean God isn't into killing Senators to prevent a vote that in order to make sure that millions of people are still left without access to health care? What kind of God is that? Doesn't he know they're praying for this?

Unfortunately I don't think this will even make This Modern World's yearly multi-part wrapup of the year in wingnut insanity.


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