Sunday, December 06, 2009

Football thoughts

I have to say I really enjoyed Alabama dominating Florida. I had a feeling Bama would win but I didn't see an offensive explosion like that. It's nice that there's only one more game of the Tebow lovefest. I mean, come on, the Bible verses on the eye patches and heading off to third world countries to convert and circumsize the heathens? Give me a break. I was amazed by the statistic they showed that as a starter he is now 2-6 in games that Florida trailed in the 2nd half. After hearing references to all of the comeback wins that Horseface Elway had I guess I figured people might point out that Tebow can't lead his team from behind. Seriously, 2-6? Complete frontrunner.

Speaking of 4th quarter comeback drives I had to laugh about Mack Brown giving tons of credit to Colt McCoy for their winning drive. OK, they started off on the 40 because Nebraska kicked it out of bounds. Then he throws a short pass that the receiver turns into a big gain and Nebraska gets a 15 yard horse collar penalty. McCoy is then sacked twice and almost blows the game by strolling to the line and rolling out before decided to toss the ball 20 yards out of bounds where they need replay to determine they actually have a second left to try a field goal. The stuff of legends indeed. Plus, every time they showed him it looked like he was about to puke so I'm sure that was really inspiring for his teammates.

That had to be one of the ugliest championship games I've ever seen. It seemed like UT's entire offense was to run fly patterns down the sideline and have McCoy throw it a yard out of bounds and NU's was basically to wait for him to throw a pick then just kick a field goal. Not exactly a banner year for the Big 12.

I was rooting for Texas just because fuck Nebraska but it would have been awesome to see them try to hype an Alabama-TCU national title game. Cincy wasn't really that impressive today but still a nice comeback and most of it due to their kick returner who had a hell of a day. Cincy's coach seems like kind of a dick. Mangino replacement?

That 2 point conversion that Fresno State had to beat Illinois has to be one of the most ridiculous plays I've ever seen. What's really amazing to me is that the lineman wasn't even past the line of scrimmage and still managed to catch the ball off the deflection and run it in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After watching "legends" Tebow and McCoy perform at their "legendary best" on Saturday, it makes me question just how good some other college legends were...


11:05 AM  
Blogger Q said...

Watching Godboy Tebow sit on the sidelines and cry like a pouting two-year old after the "surprising last-minute come-from-behind"...uh, game-long ass-kicking, was my sports highlight of the year.


10:11 AM  

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