Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bad signs

I was looking through my Google Reader feed tonight and decided to check out what brilliant writer Matt Taibbi was ranting about lately. The MA Senate election? Goldman Sachs robbing us blind? Nope, the Kansas City Royals signing Rick Ankiel.
Apologies to my non-sports-reading readers, but I just spotted this — what the hell is going on in Kansas City? Is Dayton Moore trying to collect every sub-.300 OBP player in baseball?

Last year the Royals drew 457 walks. There are currently about 450 Siberian tigers left in the wild. Anyone want to bet which ends up being more rare in 2010? This isn’t just wishful thinking, but I really think the Tiger is going to bounce back. Yuniesky Betancourt’s batting eye, not so much. Again, apologize for the non-political aside, but this stuff just makes me scratch my head.
When even Matt Taibbi is turning his acid pen on Dayton and the Royals you know things are bad. There really are some mind boggling stats out there. As Joe Posnanski helpfully points out there were 7 "every-day" players in all of baseball that had an adjusted on-base plus slugging of worse than 80. The Royals were on pace to start FIVE of those players. Jeebus.

I say they were because they just signed Ankiel to apparently start over Brian Anderson or Scott Podsednik, both of whom just signed a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, I'm confused too. Honestly, I think their outfield defense was so bad last year they are adopting the softball strategy of sticking four guys out there. I hope they announce that move at the same press conference they unveil their slogan for the season: "Hey, at least Greinke's pitching in thirtysome games this year!"


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