Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coco Update

I think I've made my stance on Jay Leno pretty clear over the years so you can guess where I stand on Conan vs. Jay. The only positive I see out of this is that Conan is finally unleashed and has been pretty hilarious from what I've seen. Gawker compiled the relevant moments from tonight's broadcasts. If you love incredibly awkward moments involving people ripping on Jay Leno then may I recommend watching the clip of Jimmy Kimmel going on Jay's show tonight? Hilarious. I'm estimating that brings my total viewing time of his early show to 6 minutes and 5 seconds. Do people always rip on him to his face like that? Who knew it could be so comical?


Blogger Shawn said...

So, I gotta chime in on this one. I of course, owe most of my looks and sense of humor (and sense of humor about my looks) through growing up watching Conan, and have been with Coco ever since that first episode where he rode around on a bike and people threw tennis balls at him.

But I am really starting to balk at all of this. I, for one, have watched more Conan this week than I have in 5 years, and I think much of my demographic is in the same boat. This controversy is driving ratings through the roof, and is a great opportunity for NBC to spark a renewed interest in late night TV.

I don't want to think it, but a growing suspicion in me is being cultivated every night that the ones being chumped in this whole episode is the audience. Conan's ratings are going up, and his profile is once again on the rise. He is going to come out a winner in this situation no matter what.

Could Jeff Zucker have sat down with Jay and Conan, and said, "Boys, things are stagnant, and we are flushing money down the toilet nightly. We need to stir up this pot somehow. We'll start a rumor that Jay is moving back to 11:30, Conan fights back, Conan leaves a martyr and highly valued, and Jay gets back to where we never should have taken him from, and NBC ratings beat out Lettermen. Win Win Win!"

We'll see how this all plays out, and I really hope that Conan didn't volunteer for this media circus, but rather found himself in the middle of it; but we have to remember that the only thing we as viewers know is what NBC chooses to show us. They are still allowing all of this to happen right in front of our eyes. They know that there is ad revenue buried in public conflict, and want this to play out on air as much as possible.

The true way to know that this would not be just another ratings stunt - and the result that would cause the greatest inner joy within - is if Leno lost out, lost his show, and Conan stayed put.

So, to sum it up: I'm with Coco, but only if Coco's not with Leno. I hate Leno. I hate Leno with a fiery passion. I think Bill Hicks can take it from here (just audio, but definitely NSFW):

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Blogger Shawn said...

TonightGate 2010 Update:
Patton Oswalt scheduled to be on Leno on Monday. Might be my first time tuning in, especially seeing the potential for entertainment after hearing this rant....

3:22 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Interesting idea but I see some problems with it. First, I don't see Conan agreeing to it. He's said too much about how much of an honor it is to be hosting the Tonight Show for him to just give it up that easily. Especially in such a humiliating manner. Granted, he's coming out of this looking the best so far but that's still brutal to have these rumors out there and then have Jay Freaking Leno return to take your show away from you.

Second, I'm not sure there are any "winners" here. NBC execs mishandled this so poorly (going back years) their jobs have to be on the line. Leno completely bombed in primetime and now looks like a total asshole. He might do better than Conan has been lately but the magic is gone, right? Conan will go to another network and may or may not be a big success but there are no guarantees there. Plus, he basically got fired from his dream job after 7 months.

One more thing. Norm MacDonald knows what's up with Jay. Watch this clip from one of Conan's later shows before he moved to the Tonight Show:

Funny, but Conan totally got played here. He should have made sure Leno's ass was out the door for good before taking over that show.

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