Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So, some stuff happened today

I was away from the internet for most of the day (horrors!) and came back to find out some stuff happened.

I knew about the earthquake in Haiti but didn't see pictures or coverage until now. Man, does Haiti get shit on or what? It's always been a pretty oppressively crappy place to live before they started getting slammed with hurricanes and the largest earthquake in centuries.

Arcade Fire has done a lot to raise the issues of Haiti among their crowd (portions of their Neon Bible tour proceeds went to charities there and they handed out fact cards or whatever at the show). They released a statement with a link to Partners in Health, a pretty cool charity that is already on the ground helping people there if you're into doing good deeds and whatnot. Also here's a list of places you can donate through text messaging if that's easier. Here's a link to their song "Haiti" if watching a video with footage of happier times is more your thing.

Of course the usual assholes (Limbaugh and Pat Robertson in particular) climbed out from their rocks to make sure everyone remembers they're complete assholes when it comes to stuff like this. I won't write what they said but I'm sure you can find it.

In other news my hometown police chief was charged with 14 counts of sex crimes against children. Scumbag. The locals made the usual "completely shocked" comments and even breaking out a cringeworthy "this never happens in small towns" to the Wichita and KC papers. Uhh, yeah, it does.

According to someone I know the last time this police force made the news they were firing an officer who posted youtube videos of himself in his underwear performing karate moves. No idea if that's true or not and I'm sure not going looking for that video.

I never thought I would say that a piece that briefly discusses Roger Ebert's sexual history would be an interesting read but, thanks to Erin GG, I found out that this one was pretty interesting. Check it out.

Jay Reatard died. I was never entirely on board with him but I generally liked what I heard.

Yikes, this is a depressing blogpost. Why did everything that happen today have to suck?

Finally, here's a story from ESPN on the "other" basketball team in Lawrence, Haskell Indian Nations University. It's long but worth a read.


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